What in the (Warped) World Are You Reading? Angie Abdou

The National Reading Campaign love continues! Today, change your email signature to include the question “What did you read today?” and update it periodically with answers.

Today’s guest is author Angie Abdou.

Angie Abdou began writing fiction in 2000 and has since published three books. Anything Boys Can Do was praised by the Times Colonist (BC) for its original take on female sexuality. The Bone Cage, a novel about Olympic athletes, was the inaugural One Book, One Kootenay as well as a 2011 Canada Reads finalist and the 2012 MacEwan book of the year. It is taught in university Sport Literature courses across the continent and topped CBC’s list of “Top Ten Sports Books”.  Her newest novel, The Canterbury Trail (Brindle & Glass 2011), is a dark comedy specifically about mountain culture and more generally about community and our relationship with the environment. The Canterbury Trail was a finalist for the Banff Mountain Book of the Year. Angie was born and raised in Moosejaw SK. She currently lives in Fernie, BC and teaches full-time at College of the Rockies.

Q: What are you reading right now?
A: Michael Crummey’s Galore
Q: As a kid, why did you love reading?
A: The first book I remember loving is Dr. Seuss’s One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – that’s my earliest memory of being aware that words could create a world that’s better, brighter, wilder, and more exciting than ours … what’s not to love about that? When I was a bit older, I remember getting the same excitement from The Secret Garden and The Secret World of Og.


Q: Are there any books that changed your life?

Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance – from it, I learned that novels teach empathy and can thereby make the world a better place. I always suspected so, but this book made me able to articulate and support my theory.  (Everyone should read A Fine Balance. Right now. Stop reading this and go read A Fine Balance.)

Q: Dog ear-er or non dog-ear-er?

Dog ears, margin scribbles, underlines, you name it. I have a full-on conversation with every book I read.

Q: Your favourite fictional hero and/or villain?

A: Answer is the both for same – Paul Quarrington’s King Leary. He’s the hero and/or the villain depending whose point of view you take.

Q: Anything else you want to say about reading?
Sure, a lot, but I’d rather go back and finish Michael Crummey’s Galore.  Read!

Thanks Angie! And, whew, at last a fellow dog-ear-er. I was beginning to feel guilty.

Tomorrow, more reading confessions from Adrian Barnes.

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