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Welcome to the official website for Warpworld, a five-book adventure science fiction series, and our official Warpworld blog, (everything is very official in the world of Josh and Kristene). We’ll be popping on here from time to time with news, giveaways, and random/weird blurts. This is a professional author/novel blog, so you can expect posts about writing, science fiction, and behind-the-scenes Warpworld tidbits – for funny cat photos, you’ll have to track down that other blog Kristene writes or become very good friends with Josh. We like comments, we like questions, we (Kristene) like cupcakes, feel free to leave any of those here for us.

Warpworld has been in production for almost three years, which seems like only yesterday and forever at the same time. There are four more books on their way. The second book in the series, Wasteland Renegades, is scheduled for release in spring 2013. (Psst, there’s a free preview of Wasteland Renegades at the end of the book!)

If you’d like to read a preview of Warpworld, visit the preview page. To learn more about the authors, our bios are here. And if you just can’t wait to get a copy of the novel in your hands, visit the Home page for all of them.

At this time, Warpworld is available in print through Amazon’s Create Space store and Amazon.com, and in ebook at Amazon’s US Kindle store, and Barnes & Noble. Ereader versions for Kobo and iTunes will be available soon. To our international visitors, Amazon.ca, .uk, and .eu options will also be available soon. Visit our Lit-Ent (Books and Stories) page for more details and updates.

And I can’t end this without a huge round of thanks to all the folks who have helped make our dream a reality. The story begins now.

Blood for Water,

Kristene and Josh

About JoKri Publishing

Warpworld is a five-book adventure sci-fi series from JoKri Publishing. Visit us at warpworld.ca

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