In the spirit of the Kenda, Josh and I have freed the ebook version of Warpworld Vol. 1 from the shackles of price tyranny!

Warpworld free on Amazon Kindle

You heard that right, all ebook versions of the first book in the series, Warpworld, are now free! If you’ve been waiting to dip your toes into the warpy water, go ahead and dive in (watch out for drexla, though), it’s free! If you have a friend you’ve been trying to coerce tempt into reading the first book, it’s free! If you have a paperback copy of the first book but would also like one for your Kindle or Kobo, it’s free! If you’ve never heard of Warpworld and you don’t even know why you’re reading this or how you got here, well, it’s still free!

And to make this super duper easy, here are some links. Free links!!!

Warpworld #1 on Kindle

Warpworld #1 on Kobo

Warpworld #1 on Nook

Warpworld #1 on iBooks

And if you’re a diehard print reader, have no fear, we have some giveaways coming up soon so that you too might have a Warpworld book for free.

Stay tuned and stay FREE!!!!

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