Warpworld is a five-book adventure science fiction series, co-authored by Kristene Perron and Joshua Simpson. The story is an ongoing saga and so it’s best to start with Book 1, Warpworld, and read the series in chronological order. As of January 2017, four books are available—the fifth and final book in the series will be out in 2018.
Eric Hoffer Award 2013Commercial Fiction
Honorable Mention Indie B.R.A.G,
Indie B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree
"...an epic adventure with brilliant characters in a vivid world. Warpworld provides a spirited, engaging tale that will suck readers in from start to finish."
Other stories in the Warpworld universe
Can’t get enough of Seg and Ama and their friends? Here are a few shadow stories set in the Warpworld universe. We’ll be adding more soon so keep checking back or sign up for our newsletter!

*We suggest reading Unity Tested after Warpworld Book 1 and reading Place of Others after Warpworld Book 3: Ghost World.